Published Jul 19, 2010

Savings Incentive Program Progress!

By Luke Gran

We are doing really well as a result of the generous contributions by individuals, family foundations, and a few companies.

In just 2 months of asking we have raised nearly $60,000!!! Over half way to our $100,000 goal for 2010.
One of our donors told us recently, “I like SIP because beginners put their own money into it, they have skin in the game and that is what will make them successful.”

The Savings Incentive Program will help beginners raise capital, develop business and life skills to be successful. For two years, they will save up to $100 per month of their own money, write a business plan, meet with a mentor and attend PFI farmer-led events. After two years, PFI (with the support of hundreds of donors) will match their savings $1:$1.
Join the others who support healthful food, on diverse farms, making up a vibrant Iowa!