Published Sep 1, 2010

Brucemore Art and Garden Show

By Luke Gran

PFI made a trip out to Cedar Rapids to mingle with local food, garden, and art enthusiasts of central Iowa. I had the great opportunity to visit with non-farmer stewards – 25% of our membership.

The Brucemore is a mansion and garden property that is now a National Trust Historic Site 26-acre landmark in the center of Cedar Rapids. Just South of Washington High School, this venue hosted hundreds of Saturday strollers for a garden farmers’ market. Years ago, this property was home to pet lions! For more information see

Showing off the PFI tagline! There was great interest in our big idea for Iowa. The vision of our organization seemed to really resonate with the passersby in attendance.

I was impressed and reinvigorated by the excitement that exists by consumers for local products. I had the opportunity to visit with beginning goat cheese farmer Kim Brenneman, who farms near Kalona, IA and sells direct to consumer farmstead goat cheese. This is her first year selling and she is very optimistic for the growth and sustainability of her business. “The market is there” said Brenneman, “I can sell this product very easily, almost never does anyone ask the price, they taste it and they buy it.”

Another great reminder why PFI is the place to be. For Farmers and Farmer Supporters!