Published Feb 17, 2011

Lots of project ideas!

By Teresa Opheim

We’re now sorting through all the project ideas PFI farmers generated at our Cooperators’ meeting last week. From on-farm energy analysis, to investigating soybean aphids, to flea beetle control: PFI farmers will be busy with on-farm research and demonstration over the next year!

Here’s a poem one of the PFI farmers, Mark Peterson, wrote about the meeting:

The corporates say get bigger,
More chemicals you’ll use.
The livestock keeps on growin,
The land you won’t abuse.

GMO’s and hormones,
You need to use them all.
Without them you can’t farm,
Without them you will fall.

Mother earth she is a hurtin,
To her we’ve not been nice.
Things we’ve done in the past,
No longer will suffice.

But wait, I hear the calling,
There is another voice.
It seems there is an answer,
There is another choice.

Practical is making sense,
To it I will belong.
If more will see there is a way,
Our voice will be so strong.

So think long term, we can, we must,
For generations yet.
Mother earth needs our tender care,
We can, We will, I bet!

Mark Peterson and Kelly Tobin

Rex Thompson and Samuel Maibach

Dan Specht and Virgil Knobloch

Lorna Wilson, Chris Goedhart, Torray Wilson, and Nathan Anderson