Published Feb 2, 2011

PFI’s Cooperators: A Culture of Curiosity

By Sarah Carlson

Next Thursday and Friday, February 10 & 11, in Ames, IA 60 or so PFI farmers will meet and discuss plans for on-farm research in 2011. Each year a group of inquisitive farmers talk about their most pressing challenges on the farm. Then they take action and set up on-farm trials to find answers to those challenges by the end of 2011. To learn more about the Cooperators Meeting click here.

Several farmers conducted on-farm research last year. Some projects included several farmers while others were conducted on one farm. Following the Cooperators Meeting look for research results from projects started in 2009 and 2010.

Bioenergy and Diversity from Sustainable Systems and Crops

Aphid Resistant versus Susceptible Soybeans

Cover Crop Effect on Cash Crop Yield

Water Infiltration Rates Compared among different Farming Systems

Effectiveness of White Mustard on Spring Weeds

Flea Beetle Control in Eggplant

Season Extension in a High Tunnel

Comparison of Stocker Gains from Grazing Different Forages

Comparison of Soil Quality Indicators among Different Farming Systems

Documenting Local and Distance Food Purchases: Preliminary Report

Melissa and Andy Dunham, Nick Leete, John Gilbert, Jr., and Kevin Dietzel participate in an activity using M&Ms to learn the value of replication when conducting on-farm research.