Published Mar 2, 2011

Youth Mini Grants

By Luke Gran

Practical Farmers of Iowa will provide multiple mini grants to youth ages 18 and younger for on-farm research and demonstration projects. Designed to encourage youth to take an interest in agricultural research, grants will vary in amount from $50 to $250 per applicant. Applications, which are due on or before April 15, 2011, are welcomed from individuals or small groups of youth working independently or as part of an FFA or 4-H club. An independent panel of Practical Farmers of Iowa members will review the applications and announce recipients in May.

Applicants must be:

Current student or family members of Practical Farmers of Iowa

18 years of age

Willing to share their research results with the Practical Farmers of Iowa membership and beyond through, but not limited to, press releases, newsletter articles and at events

Directions: Please complete this application form and a brief essay (300 or fewer words) about your project and what you hope to learn. This application is due April 15, 2011. An independent Practical Farmers of Iowa panel will review applications and announce recipients in May.

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