Published Apr 4, 2011

Enjoying Food, Farm, Conversation

By Teresa Opheim

What is our vision for the future?
One of a series of future “journal entries” by PFI members

Sept. 4, 2030
It is a pleasure to have a place to call home with my husband and daughter. The renovation of this schoolhouse has held up well along with our measures to make it sustainable, energy efficient and healthy. I head over to the cafĂ© and see more bikes than usual. My nephew has made yet another delicious breakfast menu, and I settle in to read up on the world news. Nice to see a variety of community members conversing—artists, council members, farmers, contractors and the like. Great local food in a beautiful setting sure can set the stage for unexpected connections and communications. I then headed to the farm and studio. Excited to have helped finish our latest table and accessories in time for this evening’s full moon celebration. The visiting artists shared their latest art and writings while we enjoyed food and products from the farm over lively conversation. A night swim in the pond with my family topped off a perfect day. — Siobhan Spain (written at a session on envisioning our future, PFI annual conference 2011)