Published May 31, 2011

Business Planning Resource Guide

By Luke Gran

Yo Beginners!

Heard this before?:¬†Business Plans are key to meeting your farm dreams. Already have yours completed? Partially complete, or too intimidated to start? Don’t be, we have unveiled an online Resource List for you to use as a guide in finding the right places to turn for help when you are stuck. This list includes toolkits, consultants, online resources, organizations, books, articles, and more!

The process of a business planning is key to help you think through challenges that will come up with any business. What is your marketplace? Who is the competition? What will distinguish your product from others? How much capital do you need to start, where will you get it from? How/when will it be paid back? What is your production/processing/distribution costs and what prices will you sell your products to achieve a profit? Schedule time to start working on your plan today! Need more guidance? Sign-up for a course offered on business planning. Find the right people to work with to get it done!

Join us at in-person networking events this winter to share your plan, get ideas from other beginners and experienced farmers.


Luke Gran

Next Generation Coordinator

Practical Farmers of Iowa