Published May 5, 2011

Think about applying for USDA Organic Initiative funding? Deadline Is May 20.

By Ann Seuferer

Check out this reminder press release from Practical Farmers of Iowa for more information.

May 5, 2011

Sarah Carlson | Practical Farmers of Iowa | 515.232.5661 |
Ann Seuferer | Practical Farmers of Iowa | 515.232.5661 |

Apply for USDA Organic Initiative funding now! Deadline May 20

IOWA – USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Chief Dave White announced a new Organic Initiative funding opportunity last month for organic producers and producers transitioning to organic. The deadline is nearly here. Applications for this round of funding are due May 20, 2011.

Practical Farmers of Iowa wants to encourage farmers to take advantage of this opportunity from NRCS. While applications are accepted on a continuous basis, the cutoff date for this application period is May 20, 2011.

“This additional opportunity will allow more producers to get assistance in protecting the natural resources on their land and creating conditions that help foster organic production,” White said in his announcement, in April.

According to the release issued by NRCS, “Up to $50 million is available nationwide this year to help producers to plan and implement conservation practices that address natural resource concerns in ways that are consistent with organic production. For example, conservation practices might include planting cover crops, establishing integrated pest-management plans, constructing seasonal high tunnels, or implementing nutrient management systems consistent with organic certification standards.”

Additional information can also be found on the NRCS Website

In Iowa, Practical Farmers of Iowa’s Research and Policy Director Sarah Carlson is available to help. She can answer questions, provide farmers with information and guide farmers through the application process. Those who are interested are encouraged to contact Sarah at the Practical Farmers of Iowa office, 515.232.5661 or email:
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