Published Jul 13, 2011

Yoder Field Day

By Suzi Howk

Approximately 60 people spent Friday Afternoon at the farm of Robert and Luella Yoder outside Bloomfield, IA.  Robert and Luella have 159 acres near Drakesville where they raise broiler chickens, laying hens, beef cows, hogs, horses, dairy goats, and 7 children.  All of their different livestock species rotate through their 100 acres of pasture.

Robert markets his poultry to the Fairfield Farmers Market and a natural foods Co-op in Des Moines.  He is also interested in expanding his markets and says that he can produce as much as necessary but marketing is the biggest challenge.

The Yoders have experimented with 3 different pastured poultry pen designs, and are just starting to use a 4th type.  Robert says that they have not had any wind issues with a PVC pipe pen, but the Salatin Style pen (made popular by Joel Salatin works best for their farm.

Robert is also working towards selling beef, and increasing their beef herd in order to be able to direct market more types of livestock.

For more information about this field day, or for more information from Robert about his different pen design experiences, contact Suzi Bernhard at the PFI office at or 515-232-5661.