Published Aug 23, 2011

Beginning farmers: Apply for SIP!

By Patrick Burke

Attention beginning farmers: Looking for a way to jump-start your farm operation? PFI’s Savings Incentive Program (SIP) could be the answer. If selected, PFI will:

  • help you raise up to $4,800 for the purchase of a farm asset by matching your savings for two years,
  • assist you in completing a detailed business plan for your farm,
  • AND pair you with an experienced mentor who can offer guidance

While our first ten SIP recipients are completing their first year, we are now ready to accept a new group of 24 beginning farmers into this program. To be eligible, you must be a PFI member, be currently farming but for no more than five years, and reside or farm in Iowa. Interested? Learn more or apply now. Applications are due October 14, 2011.