Published Sep 27, 2011

SIP Spotlight: Ethan and Rebecca Book

By Patrick Burke

Ethan & Rebecca Book and family

Beginning farmers and 2010 Savings Incentive Plan recipients Ethan and Rebecca Book own Crooked Gap Farm near Knoxville. There they raise Heritage breeds of grass-fed beef, outdoor-raised farrow-to-finish hogs and pastured egg layers. They have started a berry patch and tree fruit orchard, and plan to add broiler chickens and hair sheep.

Regarding the Savings Incentive Program, Ethan says “I’m excited to use the extra capital to grow the farm but, most important, I want to be involved in the requirements of the program. I know the extra help and encouragement will help the farm!”

The Books’ plans include adding equipment and structures to fit their needs and rehabilitating pastures. For more on Crooked Gap Farm, check out this summary of a 2010 field day they hosted.

PFI’s Savings Incentive Program is helping Ethan and Rebecca Book achieve their farming goals. Can it help you? We are currently accepting applications for SIP. If you’ve been farming for less than five years and live or farm in Iowa, apply nowApplications are due October 14.