Published Oct 13, 2011

Bill Beaman “likes” PFI

By Patrick Burke

… and so do more than a thousand other folks on our Facebook page. Last week Beaman was the 1,000th person to give us the thumbs-up by clicking the “like” button. Thanks, Bill — We’re so tickled, we’re going to send you a PFI hat!

Bill Beaman and Edwin Ramsey discuss ridge-tillage

Bill Beaman (left) and Edwin Ramsey discuss ridge-tillage

Beaman, who farms in southwest Iowa and is a published novelist, has been a member of PFI since 1997. Says Bill:

We’ve been looking for some different farming systems other than corn-soybeans, corn-soybeans, ways to better market our products and take care of our land. That seems to be what PFI stands for – sustainable farming and sustainable communities. It’s been a real asset to us.

You can read more about Beaman’s Grazier Farm in this interview from last January, or at his website, The Iowa Farmer.

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