Published Dec 27, 2011

Practical Farmers of Iowa’s 2011 Field Day Season – Impressive Survey Results!

By Luke Gran

At each PFI Field Day, PFI staff ask attendees to complete a short survey. In the spirit of openness, and transparency, we would like to share how you rated the 2011 PFI Field Days.

Is PFI providing an event that is Effective? Is it Useful?

87.9% of responses said PFI Field Days were either Effective or Extremely Effective in presenting the information (rated 4 or 5 out of 5 point scale) Average: 4.33/5.0

85.8% of respondents said that PFI Field Days were either Useful or Extremely Useful (rated 4 or 5 out of 5 point scale) Average: 4.3/5.0

How far away did you travel to attend?

Field day attendees traveled an average of 80.7 miles one-way to attend each event.

Does attending field days result in changed practices on your farm?

46.9% of attendees say they have changed practices as a result of attending a PFI field day.

Finally, while PFI membership is encouraged to all, our events remain as they always have, open to the public. 60.2% of Field Day attendees surveyed were not members of Practical Farmers of Iowa.


Thanks for reading the blog! Look for a whole new set of field days at member’s farms around the state in 2012. Here is to a fantastic new year for all!

The Staff of Practical Farmers of Iowa

Ann, Kevin, Luke, Patrick, Sally, Sarah, Suzi, Teresa, Tomoko