Published Feb 14, 2012

Our Hearts to Better Sharing

By Teresa Opheim

PFI farmer Mark Quee gave a wonderful closing to the PFI Cooperators’ Meeting last week. At the meeting, more than 70 farmers met to set their research and demonstration projects for the year.

Said Mark: “As farmers we know the cycles of nature: birth life dormancy and death then birth or resurrection and over again. Cold warming to hot cooling to cold. Resting, hoarding calories, exerting, losing weight.
As Cooperators we have added another element to the cycles that guide us: through cultivation, relationship and reciprocity, we will bend ever so slightly, the shoot toward the light.

“So, with apologies to [4H founder] Jesse Field Shambaugh, I’m going to steal that 4H pledge seemingly embedded in my DNA and adapt it for us today.

“Let’s pledge:
Our Heads to better farming
Our Hearts to better sharing
Our Hands to greater sustainability and
Our health for a better self, a better community, a better state, a better country, and a better planet.”