Published Mar 28, 2012

Cover Crops are really growing!

By Sarah Carlson

Cover crops are growing! If you’ve seen some bright green fields around the countryside then you are probably seeing some winter rye or winter wheat cover crops that farmers planted last fall. This picture was taken near Malcom, IA March 27, 2012. 45 farmers, NRCS and FSA personal joined the Iowa Learning Farms and PFI staff at the farm of Joe Kriegel to learn about cover crops. Joe spoke about seeding cover crops following corn silage harvest. He was able to get good growth from tillage radish and sweet clover last fall when drilled after corn silage harvest. Joe also plans to harvest the winter rye for grain this summer and then have seed for his own fields and fields he custom drills. He is planning to grow tillage radish after rye harvest and then plant corn in 2013 without any nitrogen. Joe invited everyone back to his farm to see how things turn out.


COVER CROP FIELD DAYS Will continue Thursday March, 28 in Calumet; Tuesday April 3 at Nashua; Wednesday April 4 at Crawfordsville and Thursday April 5 at Lewis. Please contact the PFI office if you have more questions: 515-232-5661