Published Jun 4, 2012

Support Beginning Farmers

By Sarah Carlson

Its not too late. CALL TODAY. Support Beginning Farmers.

URGE IOWA’S Senators to support the Brown-Nelson Amendment to support Beginning Farmers. Calls to Jared Hill with Senator Grassley’s office or Mark Halverson
with Harkin’s office to support the Brown-Nelson Amendment is all that’s needed.

Call Grassley at: 202-224-3744 or Harkin at 202-224-3254

Specifically supports:

***Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program
(BFRDP)*which provides public resources to community-based
organizations that
provide training, education, and other support for beginning farmers and

***2501 Program* which supports outreach, training, and
coordination with socially disadvantaged producers;

***Value Added Producer Grants (VAPG), *providing grants to
farmers or groups of farmers and partners to enhance the value of
agriculture products;

***Rural Micro-Entrepreneurship Assistance Program (RMAP) *–
offers resources to groups to do entrepreneurial lending in rural