Published Mar 7, 2013

New Year’s Lunch with Gary Guthrie

By Tomoko Ogawa


Around the New Year is when I’m most homesick. I’m missing out family/friends get-togethers along with all the great food that is special around that time. Not only that, I feel forced to very quickly reflect on everything from the past year and come up with new plans for the coming year, which makes me rather anxious.  But this year, I read an opinion article which helped me stay calm– similar to knowing different languages, more calendars we are aware of (that exist among different cultures), the more multidimensional our consciousnesses become.  Gary’s annual lunch for PFI staff, has become one of the increasing New Year seasons in my own calendar.  Gary Guthrie, a long-time PFI member, also known as the carrot king, kindly invited PFI staff over for his special annual luncheon again at his home in Nevada in Mid-February. Held right after Cooperators’ Meeting, which marks the beginning of New Year for PFI’s cooperators’ program, his lunch always encourages us to stop and reflect, while enjoying delicious food together after a couple months of very busy days at the office.

This year’s menu was:
Cream of tomato soup with homemade bread and roasted pepper pesto
Herb roasted leg of lamb
Garlic mashed potatoes
Sweet corn
Sweet potato bourbon pecan pie with whipped cream

In contrast to the gray sky and blowing snow out his living room window, Gary’s table was filled with warm bright colors (I was too busy eating to take any pictures!). I was recharged with his amazing meal once again and even felt a little better about the snow and cold on our way back.