Published May 21, 2013

Use Both Hands…no really, USE BOTH HANDS!

By Luke Gran

Working on a farm this summer? Don’t leave home without some tips from farmers.

It is mid-May and many farms are working full steam ahead right now. Undoubtedly that means new laborers are getting those first few experiences that advance them along their beginning farmer path!

PFI members Julia Slocum of Ames, Iowa (Lacewing Acres) and Jill Beebout of Chariton, Iowa (Blue Gate Farm) delivered an incredible address¬†earlier this spring during a Practical Farmers of Iowa online farm seminar (a.k.a. farminar) entitled “Network with other PFI Beginning Farmer Trainees and Trainers. This farminar covered what beginning farmers need to know to get the most out of an on-the-job training farm experience. Julia shared the lessons learned during a couple years of working for other farmers as a trainee, while Jill shared more than a decade of farmer employer/trainer experience.

Watch this entire farminar recorded and available online at:

More than 60 other farminars are available online so you can hear the word from farmers on a variety of production, marketing, regulations, and other topics of interest.

Here is to a safe and rewarding growing season! Enjoy!