Published Sep 13, 2013

Organic Corn Breeding Tour

By Sarah Carlson

Few public dollars go to breeding corn for non-gmo or organic corn hybrids. Even fewer dollars are spent on developing open pollinated corn varieties.


With funding from the USDA’s Organic Research & Extension Initiative organic corn breeders did site visit and strategic planning September 9-12, 2013 in Illinois and Wisconsin.


Some PFI farmers have been developing OPs on their farm while most want to buy corn hybrids developed to perform well in their systems.

20130913-111801.jpg 20130913-111812.jpg

These breeders have working on corn to have improved yield performance and disease and insect resistance since chemical crop protection options are not available for organic growers.

20130913-111835.jpg 20130913-111844.jpg 20130913-111902.jpg

After almost 4 years of working together materials from this group are making there way to the market for companies or farmers.

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