Published Sep 27, 2013

Savings Incentive Program participant Q&A. Applications due October 4th- one week away!

By Marc Strobbe

How can the various resources in the Savings Incentive Program support the goals and plans of beginning farmers? Hear what some of the program participants have to say in this Q&A:

Best part? “Accountability to completion of tasks. Savings, business plan, learning from PFI events, meeting with mentors. All these wonderful things that I should be doing, but don’t always get around to.”

Mentorship? “My mentors were wonderful and supportive whenever I had questions. I’m sure I will continue to stay in-touch with them and keep them on speed-dial when I’ve got questions in the future!”

PFI Events? “The PFI events are great learning opportunities and a great way to meet people with similar interests and goals”

Business Planning? “SIP and my business plan development has made me more aware of planning out my farm & future, instead of just flying by the seat of my pants.”

Farm Savings Match? “The matching dollar component for me was important…financing farm projects while getting started was a big struggle.”

Reviews with staff? “I appreciate the quarterly reviews a lot. It forces me to think about my plan and make sure I’m on track more often than I would if I were left to my own devices”

Contact us for more information and with any questions about applying. 515.232.5661 or The program web page and applications are here.