Published Nov 30, 2013

Cover Crop On farm Research Plots

By Sarah Carlson


It’s only fitting to write about Mark Peterson’s on farm research trial since the end of this week is PFI’s Annual Cooperators’ meeting. The Cooperators Meeting started back in the late 80’s when PFI members began getting together to share results if their on farm research trials and plan new ones for the following year. Rick Exner, PFI staff from the beginning till 2008 will be honored as a Master Researcher.
Rick helped farmers conduct more than 800 trials during his time at PFI. His work with Dick Thompson helped create a way for farmers to collect scientifically rigorous data on their farms to better understand ways to better control expenses. Mark Peterson is a new Cooperator, having participated in 3 studies so far but with the curiosity to continue exploring ways to make changes on his farm through science based decision making. 20131130-101553.jpgMark is hosting one of 15 Cover Crop Species Trials to screen 18 different cover crops either in mixes or alone. To better understand which cover crops will be the best for Iowa PFI has been screening various species and varieties since the fall of 2010. Mark will have these signs up and plots signs up all winter and spring for those who want to come out and take a look. To find the plots, head to Stanton, IA in SW IA. Plots are near the address 2360 N Ave. Go check them out on a self guided tour. Mark says, “the plots are open for folks to take a look and see how different cover crops perform.” See more info about the Cooperators Meeting on PFI’s webpage