Published Dec 20, 2013

PFI’s Commitment to Farmers

By Suzi Howk

Since the organization was founded, Practical Farmers of Iowa has had an unwavering commitment to farmers.  This commitment is seen in our focus on  networking, members setting our priorities, purchasing local food for our events, and paying farmers for participating!

Each time a farmer participates in a research trial, hosts a Field Day, participates in the Outreach Leaders training, mentors a Savings Incentive Program participant, presents at a Farminar, etc. they generally receive a payment from PFI.  We are very intentional about making sure that we pay our farmers for their time, and that is apparent in our budget.  In Fiscal Year 2013, PFI had $1.3 million dollars in expenses.  $139,797 or 10.5% of those expenses were paid directly to farmers in the form of payments.  And that amount dosen’t include the food that we purchased from members for events.  Wow!

I’m looking forward to another year and another chance to hear from you and support you as much as we can.

Happy Holidays, and Merry Farming!