Published Jan 15, 2014

The Future of Your Farm: PFI’s Annual Conference will help

By Teresa Opheim


There is so much production expertise available at the PFI conference! Don’t forgot, though, that we have much to offer those who are ready to dive into planning for the future of your farm — and your future family harmony as well.

— “Achieving the Triple Bottom Line” will help you achieve a better quality of life through better decision making. There are still spots open for this course, which is being taught by Holistic Management trainers Ann Adams and Margaret Smith.

— The James Ranch family from Durango, Colorado, has successfully integrated three generations to generate five farm family incomes, all on 450 acres. Members of the family will share their story and tips at two conference sessions.

— “Telling Your Farm Story” will help you put down on paper what matters most to you–come, think and write, then share with your family the results.

— Attorney Bob Hodges, a farm kid himself, will be there to answer estate and gift tax implications as well as non-tax considerations as you plan for the future of your farm and farmland.

Come, learn, share–and work to continue in the next generation all you have worked for!