Published Feb 11, 2014

Growing Better Potatoes and Carrots on a Few Acres

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


Learn production techniques to help you achieve success growing organic potatoes and carrots at the 1- to 4-acre scale.

  • Noah Engel grew up on a 120 head organic dairy farm in southwest Wisconsin. When he was 9, he and his older brother, Josh, started growing potatoes for fresh market sales. Now, 20 years later, he runs Driftless Organics, a 115-acre vegetable, fruit and small grain farm with the help of Josh and business partner Mike Lind.
  • Jason Jones and his wife, Erin Drinnin, live in Des Moines. Jason has worked for 10 years on three different fruit and vegetable farms. He currently runs his own business, Wilted Leaf Farm, in central Iowa and aspires to someday grow up to 50 acres of vegetables on his farm.