Published Feb 4, 2014

Outwitting Weed Resistance on a Cash Grain Farm

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


Resistance is futile… when farmers are armed with weed ecology knowledge, small grains, steel and fresh weed management ideas. Learn about the latest weed resistance research, and practical strategies you can use to stay a step ahead.

  • Bill Buman grows corn, soybeans and prairie seed near Harlan, Iowa. He has been monitoring resistant weeds in his fields for several years and has begun a small trial of wheat to extend his rotation as another method to help manage weed populations.
  • Bob Hartzer, extension weed specialist and agronomy professor at Iowa State University (ISU), promotes the adoption of integrated weed management programs for corn and soybeans. He shares his research with the public at outreach events and via the ISU Weed Science webpage.