Published Feb 5, 2014

Practical Farmers: Seeking Solutions That Will Sustain Us

By Teresa Opheim

Susan and Vic

What Is the Culture of Practical Farmers? Two of our Sustainable Agriculture Achievement Award winners respond.

“What makes PFI unique to me is that it is made up of people who CARE. What they care about varies widely but it is an unspoken sense that links us together. Most care about soil conservation, good safe food, clean air and water, and care about other people. There are hundreds of sub-topics like pasture management to gardening topics but they all go back to caring about the basics.”
–Vic Madsen, Audubon

“Farmers and supporters of all ages and levels of expertise coming together to share their experience and knowledge….
Brainstorming best practices for our farms and communities…Seeing a challenge on the local, national or global level and responding (not with money) but with creativity, courage and innovation….Seeking and putting into practice solutions that will sustain us into the future.”
–Susan Jutz, Solon