Published Feb 20, 2014

The Rest of the Story: What Makes Practical Farmers Unique?

By Teresa Opheim

Dan Wilson
“Part of what makes PFI unique is the willingness of the members to share openly with one another. The culture of telling the “rest of the story” might be a good way of describing it.”
–Dan Wilson, Paullina

“One of the most important aspects of PFI culture is that the membership respects the decisions each individual farmer makes for his or her farm. True to our practical roots, PFI members understand that each farm and farmer is different, and therefore, drives the decisions made about growing practices, crops, etc.”
–Ann Franzenburg, Van Horne

Vic Madsen with fellow farming friends Laura Krouse and Susan Jutz
“What makes PFI unique to me is that it is made up of people who CARE. What they care about varies widely but it is an unspoken sense that links us together. Most care about soil conservation, good safe food, clean air and water, and care about other people. There are hundreds of sub topics like pasture management to gardening topics but they all go back to caring about the basics.”
–Vic Madsen, Audubon