Published Apr 25, 2014

Cover Crop Seed Selection and Planting

By Sarah Carlson

cocktail seed mixture May 2012Did you miss the recent cover crop webinar series hosted by the American Society of Agronomy and organized by Practical Farmers of Iowa and the National Wildlife Federation?

Farmers, agronomists and others regularly ask what cover crop should I plant? That question is dependent on what your goal is for your farm. Keith Berns, from Green Cover Seed and also a farmer in Nebraska states in this webinar: “1)the more specific your cover crop goal the less diverse your cover crop mix will be and 2)the tighter your planting window for cover crops the less options available.” But don’t be discouraged says Jim Hoorman, Ohio State University Extension explains:” cover crops provide a food source to soil microbes which in turn can be considered soluble bags of fertilizers.” Working with a diverse cover crop mix will help improve your soil health and help your cash crops come out on the positive side of an extreme weather event. Check out the third webinar titled: 

Cover Crop Seed Selection and Planting

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