Published Jul 5, 2014

The Practical Farmer: Summer 2014

In This Issue

Cereal Rye “Rules”
From PFI research plots to farmers’ fields, cereal rye is proving its worth as a hardy cover crop and a viable third-crop option. See what some PFI farmers have to say.

Meet Merle’s Super-Weapon
For vegetable farmer Terry Troxel, having a neighbor with a powerful secret gave her an edge in efficiency.

Heritage Breeds
PFI livestock farmers are partial to a wide range of different breeds. Read which breeds several farmers voted as their favorites – and why.

PFI Play
Read beginning farmer Angela Winburn’s take on “Map of My Kingdom,” the PFI play about farmland transfer; and PFI staff Lauren Zastrow managed to catch playwright Mary Swander in between her travels for a Q&A.