Published Oct 24, 2014

PFI Livestock Program Planning Meetings

By Meghan Filbert

How can PFI best help you? Practical Farmers of Iowa is hosting a series of program planning meetings for livestock farmers around the state. These meetings will be used to set priorities, brainstorm ideas and plan future programming. Meetings will start at 1pm followed by a nearby pasture walk at 3pm. Bring your ideas!

Attend the meeting closest to you! Choose from 5 locations:

Central Iowa, November 12, 1pm – 4pm:
Meet at Farrar Church, 11180 NE 134th Ave, Maxwell, IA 50161 followed by a pasture walk at Bruce and Connie Carney’s farm

SW Iowa, November 14, 1pm – 5pm:
Meet at Stanton Community Room, 205 Broad Street, Stanton IA 51573 followed by a pasture walk at the Mark and Melanie Peterson’s farm

SE Iowa, November 18, 1pm – 4pm:
Meet at the West Grove Township Hall, 22050 Eden Ave, West Grove, IA 52537 followed by a pasture walk at Virgil Knobloch’s farm

NE Iowa, November 19, 1pm – 4pm:
Meet at Dan and Bonnie Beard’s farm, 2954 Middle Sattre, Decorah, IA 52101 followed by a pasture walk at their home farm

NW Iowa, November 20,1pm – 4pm:
Meet at the Akron Public Library, 350 Reed Street, Akron, IA 51001 followed by a pasture walk (location TBD)

To see locations on a map click here.

For more info contact Lauren Zastrow at or (515) 232-5661