Published Nov 26, 2014

16 members to thank — with hundreds more who deserve it

By Teresa Opheim

Happy Thanksgiving Holiday to the PFI Community!


Co-founder Sharon Thompson, with her late husband Dick, has been a PFI member since 1985

This Thanksgiving, the PFI staff is thankful for our members and all they provide to make Practical Farmers and agriculture better. Here are some of those members, picked at random:

Long-time members, like Sharon Thompson, co-founder of PFI in 1985, and brand new members like Kaleb Anderson, who joined this week;

Terry Troxel and Danielle Myer for trusting PFI enough to share farm financials for a project designed to improve farm profitability;

Tim Landgraf for nine years of service and Dan Wilson for eight years on the PFI Board of Directors;

John Bakehouse, for being a new on-farm research cooperator, and Ron Rosmann, who conducts top notch on-farm research year after year;

Vic and Cindy Madsen for agreeing to be “guinea pigs” for PFI’s new farm legacy letters;

Larry Harris and Denise O’Brien, for opening up their farm for a well-attended field day;

Dick Schwab and others who gave beginning farmer donations that kept our robust programming going;

Gail Hickenbottom and Jeremy Gustafson for talking up PFI whenever they have the opportunity;

and Mary Swander for a wonderful creative partnership with PFI on her play “who gets the land”.

For every name here, there were 50 more to recognize. What a blessing of abundance!

Thank you!