Published Dec 15, 2014

2014 Research Reports Now Available

By Nick Ohde

Research reports for the 2014 season are now available on the website. This year, 62 farmers completed a total of 42 on-farm projects. A big thanks to everyone who took on experiments on their farms! Here are the links to the reports on research conducted this year:


Finishing Hogs on Small Grains

Goat Grazing to Reduce Parasite Loads

Grazing Cover Crops for Winter Feed

Hog Feeder Adjustment

Grazing Cover Crops on Corn Ground

Initial Summary of Small Grains Feeding Trial

Internal Parasites in Organic Hog Production


Energy Use and Cost of Starting Seedlings at Three Iowa Farms

Winter Greens Production: Sales Revenue and Energy Costs

Field Crops:

Manure Additives Comparison in Corn Production

Are Neonicotinoid Seed Treatments in Soybean Production Worth It?

Green Manure Cover Crops Established with Small Grains

Nitrogen Replacement Value of Red Clover

Side-dressing Corn following a Winter Rye Cover Crop

Cover Crop Variety Trial 2013-2014


Effect of Compost Extract on Qualitative Soil Health and Carrot Yield

Mulching Comparison for Watermelon and Sweet Potato Production

Baseline Bee Data Collection at Two Farms

Quick Turnaround Cover Crops for Horticulture

Worm Casting Application Methods and Impact on Cabbage Yields