Published Dec 30, 2014

Direct-Marketing Grain-Finished Beef

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


Shanen and Beau Ebersole, of Ebersole Cattle Co., will share their expertise raising grain-finished beef cattle with no hormones or antibiotics. Learn about issues from production to marketing methods, then listen in as the Ebersoles answer beginning farmer Dave Hill’s questions on starting up this type of enterprise.

  • Dave Hill is a beginning farmer and current enrollee in PFI’s Savings Incentive Program who raises conventional corn, soybeans and hay with his wife, Annette, near Holy Cross. They plan to expand the operation to include a hormone- and antibiotic-free beef finishing enterprise, direct-marketing the product.
  • Shanen and Beau Ebersole own a small family ranch near Kellerton, where they raise Maine-Anjou cattle and Quarter Horses. The Ebersoles have Animal Welfare Approved certification, and run the ranch as naturally as possible without pesticides, chemicals, hormones or routine antibiotics.