Published Feb 18, 2015

Cereal Rye: Stand Evaluation and Seed Selection

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


Learn management tactics critical to success with cereal rye. Greg Roth of Penn State University will discuss his experiences and research with rye, including new hybrid rye originally developed in Europe that is yielding well in U.S. trials. Iowa farmer Tim Sieren will share some of his experiences – both good and bad – growing cereal rye for seed. He will also discuss some of the equipment he uses for seeding, harvesting, storage and seed cleaning.

  • Greg Roth is a professor in the Department of Plant Science at Penn State University. As the extension grain crops specialist, he develops educational programs for extension agents, agribusiness groups and producers.
  • Tim Sieren runs a small, diversified family farm in southeastern Iowa raising corn, soybeans, hogs, cattle and small grains. He added cereal rye into the cropping system as an additional source of forage for his cattle, and after seeing the soil benefits started using it as a cover crop between no-till soybeans and corn.