Published Apr 30, 2015

RESEARCH REPORT: Duck Breed Comparison

By Meghan Filbert

Farmer cooperators Rob and Tammy Faux, of Genuine Faux Farm, compared two dual-purpose duck breeds, Muscovy and Appleyard, for behavioral differences, foraging ability, feed efficiency and taste.

The Muscovys grew faster and bigger, weighing 2 lbs/bird greater than the Appleyards at processing. Their higher feed efficiency generated a better profit. The Appleyards seemed to be voracious foragers and were easier to take care of. However, they were messier birds, wasting lots of the concentrate provided.

A blind taste test was conducted by a chef who prepared them identically. The Muscovys had more usable, tender, mild flavored meat. The Appleyards were leaner and tasted wilder.

This spring, Rob and Tammy are observing both breeds for egg laying, hatching and mothering abilities. Read the full report for more comparison details and stay tuned for updates!