Published May 1, 2015

PFI members share their cover crop pics

By Sarah Carlson

What do your cover crops look like this spring? Here are some from PFI members.


Jon Bakehouse shares his “Why I love cover crops” picture from his farm in southwest Iowa.


Picture taken April 30 2015 by Kamyar Enshayan. The tall stand is a Johnny’s Fall green manure mix planted in October; the shorter cover crop is the spring green manure mix planted late march early April. The tall ones will be cut from below, creating a nice thick mulch into which tomatoes and peppers will be planted in a few weeks.


Wendell Zimmerman took this picture Saturday 5/2/15. Planting corn into my clover/alfalfa cover crop which was frost seeded in March of 2014.

Hairy Vetch and Cereal Rye

Jon Bakehouse takin’ a nap in a decent stand of cereal rye and hairy vetch planted late September 2014.

Hairy Vetch and Cereal Rye Landscape

At the Bakehouse farm again. The bare spot in the photo was where we put in a winter pea test plot to see if planting depth affected winter survival. As you can see, it did not.


Bill Northey shared a picture take this morning of his rye cover crop from his farm near Spirit Lake. Rye was terminated today.


Jim Larson’s cereal rye near Sioux Rapids, IA. Cereal rye was drilled following silage last fall at 110lbs/A. Jim will no-till soybeans after harvesting for hay.

AB-Don't farm naked

Andrea Basche takes a “Don’t Farm Naked” picture in Dr. Tom Kaspar’s cover crop research plots near Boone, IA


Kevin Holl shared his cover crops that were seeded into seed corn last September from his farm near Conrad, IA.

cover with strips

Jack Boyer shows off his cover crop near Reinbeck, IA.

Cover Crops at Carl Glanzman's farm

Carl Glanzman’s cover crops on his market garden farm.

20150426_161655 (1)

John Gilbert’s brown swiss help him evaluate his cover crop near Iowa Falls.


Wendy Johnson’s cover crop near Charles City, IA.