Published Jun 4, 2015

Here we go! Field Day season starts Saturday!

By Meghan Filbert

We’re kicking off field day season with two back to back events this weekend! On Saturday, June 6 from 1- 5 pm, Carney Family Farms is hosting a field day about planning a swale system in pasture. We’ll walk through swale design and hear from experts about incorporating other enterprises and incentives available for these practices.

Bruce Carney says, “Swales make sense because they slow water flow, reduce erosion, and help clean our water. You can grow trees, nuts, and fruit along the swales, which provide pollinator and wildlife habitat and potentially additional income. It makes sense to stack as many enterprises as possible on the same acres and will help the next generation make a better living off the land.” A potluck dinner starts at 5:00. For all of Saturday’s details, read the press release here.

On Sunday, June 7 from 3-8 pm, Three Sisters Farm is hosting a field day focused on sheep production. Ortrude Dial will be explaining her lambing and marketing strategies and take attendees on a tour of the lambing barn. We’ll take a hayrack ride pulled by an antique tractor to check out the crop fields and pastures. The event will be followed by a potluck dinner, barn dance and lots of music! Read more about Sunday’s field day here.

Come learn from farmers and visit with friends!