Published Aug 14, 2015

Looking for land? Looking for a Farmer? Look here!

By Julie Wheelock

If you’ve read Practical Farmers recent summer newsletter, you were able to meet a few landowners and landseekers who have registered on our FindAFarmer site. PFI staffer, Steve Carlson, also shared a success story from FindAFarmer, featuring landowner David Mitschelen and beginning farmer Rory Van Van Wyk. The unique thing about the site is the ability to share a story and farm vision. David had several interested parties of his land near Winterset, but through FindAFarmer, he was able to have a conversation with Rory and find out the two had similar interests for the land. “Rory looked at the farm the same way I was looking at it, with the possibilities of doing the same type of things I had dreamed of. In a way, he was living out my dream.”

We wanted to share more landowner/landseeker profiles in the newsletter, but just did not have the space! So here are a few more – and take the time to visit FindAFarmer and browse the list of landowners and landseekers to see if someone is a good match for your farm vision!

Ben Barron_2015 (1)

Ben participated in PFIs Labor4Learning program and is a current enrollee in PFIs Savings Incentive Program. He’s worked hard to gain skills and knowledge and is ready to take on land of his own.

Landseeker: Ben Barron

Desired land location: Greene County, open to other areas of Iowa

Enterprises of Interest: organic crops/livestock

Bio: Ben has farming experience from his family’s small farm and through working on a large conventional farm in Southeast Missouri. In 2014, he and his wife, Danielle moved to Jefferson, Iowa where he begin working at Shriver Farms through PFIs Labor4Learing program. (Ben is now a current enrollee of PFIs Savings Incentive Program.) Still employed by Shriver Farms, Ben also organically farms 21 acres on a crop share arrangement with two other landowners. He would like to farm at least another 20 acres of organic row crops, and plans to consider organic hog, beef or egg production for his future.

“Even though I’m a beginning farmer, I continually read and study to gain knowledge about farming. I’d like to work with a landowner who is willing to think outside-the-box, think organically.”

Contact Ben at:

Dennis McLaughlin land photo_3

The McLaughlin land has been well cared for through years of using conservation-minded practices.

Landowner: Dennis McLaughlin

Location: Madison County

Bio: The 320 acres Dennis McLaughlin farms has been in his family since 1854. He and his four siblings currently operate the farm as an LLC, but have no future generations that are interested in farming. Dennis wants to explore options of land operators for when he is ready to transition off the farm. The land has four ponds, two creeks, 30 acres in CRP, 150 tillable acres and 100 acres of pasture/timber.  Continuing conservation practices is a primary goal for the land.

“The farm is primed for sustainable farming and is ready for someone to take it the next step.”

Contact Dennis at:


Terry Loman Farmland (4)

Terry Loman would like to work with a farmer who is interested in using sustainable farming methods.

Landower: Terry Lowman

Location: Boone County

Bio: Purchased in 1968 by Terry’s father, the 190 acre farm sits near the Des Moines River. Approximately 30 acres currently serves as a gravel pit and 75 acres in row crop production. An additional 85 acres is in timber and could benefit from goat browsing. Terry has an open mind about possible crop or livestock enterprises on the property, but wants to rent to someone who will employ sustainable farming practices and good land stewardship.

“I would like to support someone who is interested in using sustainable farming practices on this land. I think cover crops would be a good option and I would be willing to help implement that into the farm system.”

Contact Terry at: