Published Oct 30, 2015

and the keynote speaker is….

By Erica Andorf
Practical Farmers 2016 Annual Conference
 January 22-23, 2016, Scheman Building, Ames

Meet our Keynote Speaker:

Common Characteristics of Successful Farmers
by John Kempf, Farmer and Founder of Advancing Eco-Agriculture

What is a successful farm?

This answer varies depending on whom you ask. Farming success can be defined as profit, ecological diversity, supporting another generation on the farm, providing healthy food, wildlife habitat – the list is long, and most farmers define success through multiple objectives. Keynote speaker John Kempf has spent a decade working with innovative farmers across the country. John is known for helping farmers think differently to solve challenges they are experiencing on their farms. In this presentation, John will discuss the common characteristics in farming operations he views as extraordinarily successful. John will discuss how you can incorporate these same principles into your decision-making and problem-solving. John Kempf grew up farming, and continues to farm in his Amish community near Middlefield, Ohio. John is an internationally recognized lecturer who speaks widely on the topics of regenerative agriculture and inherent disease resistance mechanisms that plants can develop with proper nutritional management. A top expert in the field of biological and regenerative farming, John founded Advancing Eco-Agriculture in 2006 to help fellow farmers by providing education, tools and strategies that have a global effect on our food supply.

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