Published Oct 19, 2015

Thermal Camera Project: Botna Burrow

By Nick Ohde

001(1)The next stop for the PFI Thermal Camera was Botna Burrow, a vegetable farm near Hancock. Tyler Magnuson used the camera to see where they were losing heat from their house, and determine where the highest rates of heat exchange were happening in their walk-in cooler. To do that, he looked at the inside and outside of the cooler and also examined heat loss with the cooler door open. After identifying a few leaky places, they added some spray insulation. Tyler says another potential application that he’d like to try would be to look at soil temperatures with or without cover crops in the spring or summer. Stay tuned for more updates!


Please call (515-232-5661) or email: if you are interested in trying out the camera on your farm.