Published Nov 18, 2015

Thermal Cam Project: Blue Gate Farm

By Nick Ohde

001(11) 1In early November, the PFI Thermal Camera had a stay at Blue Gate Farm, a diversified farm run by Jill Beebout and Sean Skeehan near Chariton. Sean recently built a walk-in cooler to store their farm’s produce and wanted to see its effectiveness at holding in the cold air. He also looked at where heat was escaping their house, and took the opportunity to take an eery night photo of Boris, their alpaca. After seeing heat loss around the door of the walk-in cooler, he ordered a new gasket seal for the door.

If you would like to use the thermal camera on your farm, please email me at or call 515-232-5661! There’s no waiting list as of now, so you could take the opportunity to monitor the late-season performance of your high-tunnel or maybe to identify leaks around your house or greenhouse.