Published Dec 16, 2015

A Simple Recordkeeping System for Fruit and Vegetable Production

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


The Hartmann’s completed their 10th growing season as a certified organic vegetable farm in 2014. They have been able to create a stable, well-recognized farm allowing them to meet their financial and lifestyle goals. During this farminar, Rick will share how he and Stacy manage product and financial recordkeeping, and how this data impacts the decisions they make for their farm and family. Rick will work with beginning farmer Daniel Heldt to advise him on starting a recordkeeping system for his operation.

Rick and Stacy Hartmann own Small Potatoes Farm in Minburn, Iowa, an organic horticultural farm primarily marketing through CSA. The farm is intensively managed with moderate to high amounts of hand labor. The Hartmann’s farm priorities include conservation, biological diversity, cover cropping, crop rotation, beneficial insects, and quality products and service.

Daniel Heldt started Dangood Garden in 2013 and just completed his first full season on a new, permanent site near Johnston, Iowa. He markets his produce at the downtown Des Moines farmers market, the Iowa Food Coop, and the Eat Greater Des Moines Local Food Box program. Now that he’s got a stable farm and market, he’s eager to establish a recordkeeping system and scale up production.