Published Feb 10, 2016

Herbicide Restriction Considerations for Using Cover Crops as Forage

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


Thinking of using cover crops as forage for livestock? Don’t forget to factor in herbicides used earlier in the growing season! Some herbicide labels have restrictions that would rule out using subsequent crops as forage. Joe Sellers, beef specialist at Iowa State University Extension, and Madison County farmer Tim Palmer, will discuss herbicide restriction considerations when grazing or harvesting cover crops. A newly developed ISU Extension fact sheet will be shared, along with farmer experiences and recommendations for herbicide application when incorporating cover crops into row crop systems.

Fact Sheet to accompany Farminar

Joe Sellers has been with ISU Extension and Outreach since 1987. He has extensive background in beef and sheep management systems, and works with producers as they decide feed rations, bull selection, grazing management and marketing. He has been a partner in a family farming operation in Lucas County since 1976.

Tim Palmer farms with his family near Truro, Iowa, raising corn, soybeans, oats, hay and rotationally-grazed beef cattle. Tim’s farm includes conservation practices such as terraces, filter strips and ponds, and he works closely with state and national conservation organizations.