Published Feb 3, 2016

Moveable High Tunnels: Pros and Cons

By Practical Farmers of Iowa

Fruit and vegetable producers interested in adding a high tunnel have a wide variety of options to consider when choosing what’s best for their operation. Though more expensive than a stationary structure, moveable high tunnels can offer many additional benefits and may be worth the expense. Mike Bollinger, organic vegetable farmer and co-founder of Four Season Tools, will discuss whether a movable high tunnel is right for you. He’ll also offer tips for site selection, crop production, common issues one might encounter and more.

Mike Bollinger co-founded Four Season Tools with Greg Garbos in 2007. The company designs innovative products and services that extend crop growing seasons, among other things. Mike has since returned to farming full-time. With his partner, Katie, he owns and operates River Root Farm, a certified organic vegetable farm in Decorah, Iowa.