Published Feb 4, 2016

Thermal Cam Project: Berry Patch Farm

By Nick Ohde

The PFI Thermal Camera was recently used at Berry Patch Farm to detect leaks in their high tunnel and walk-in coolers.

In late December, the PFI Thermal Camera made its way to Berry Patch Farm near Nevada, owned by Dean and Judy Henry. Matt Howieson, an employee on the farm, used the camera to discover sources of leakage in their cooler and high-tunnels. He also took some fantastic pictures! (See below)

He identified several areas where they will be able to improve energy efficiency by adding insulation. He sees lots of future opportunities for other members to use the camera: “The FLIR camera could be useful in a shop setting, such as detecting cold/dead cylinders on an engine or detecting bad bearings. Depending on the thermometer’s accuracy, the camera could also be used for aspects of food safety such as taking produce or water temps,” he says. If you’re interested in using the thermal camera, please send me an email at Take the time now to get on the list, so you can put the camera to use before the end of winter!