Published Feb 16, 2016

Thermal Camera Project: Bruce Vosseller

By Nick Ohde
Thermal camera image from PFI member Bruce Vosseller.

Thermal camera image of hot and cold water pipes from PFI member Bruce Vosseller.

In December, the PFI thermal camera went north with Bruce Vosseller to Oconomowoc, WI. Even though he lives in Wisconsin, Bruce has been a member of Practical Farmers of Iowa for over 15 years.  He wanted to use the camera to identify areas that cold air is coming into his house and areas where insulation could be improved. After taking a few pictures around windows, doors, and along walls and ceilings, he added caulk and weather stripping based on what he found.

If you’d like to use the thermal camera, send me an email – There’s still time to identify some leaks around your house or farm before the end of winter!

Check out a few of the images from Bruce’s house below. He used the “coldest” function on the camera to identify the area of the thermal image with the coldest temperature reading. This can help with identifying leaks.