Published Mar 31, 2016

First time with cover crop rye to corn?

By Sarah Carlson

Learn some tips here from PFI expert cover crop farmers.

This spring the cover crop is lush and really greening up much earlier than in previous springs. To be successful with corn following rye try these farmer tested tips:

“Apply acid equivalent (a.e.) of 1 lb/acre (28 oz WeatherMax or 43 oz of generic; I normally use less)”

“Low spray volume – check label (e.g. 5-10 gal/acre would be reasonable) – use right nozzles and height”

“Add AMS (ammonium sulfate; 4-6 lbs/100 gal). No UAN.”

“Add Non-ionic Surfactant if not included in formulation (NIS is in WeatherMax already).  No crop oil.”

“Don’t mix triazine or contact herbicides with glyphosate.”

“It is usually better to spray when you can rather than wait for perfect conditions with bigger more mature plants”

“Spray when the addition of day + night temps = 100”

“Starter w/ seed; 30-50# 2×2 band or 2” either side of the row.”

“Weed & feed @ termination plus early sidedress another option.”

”Knife 28% liq. N at a angle to the rows, 4” deep which is 2” deeper than the seed.”

“Rye by 6” tall plus inject UAN pre-plant, sidedress @ V6.”

​Contact the PFI office to find out how you can ask your cover crop questions and get solutions from other farmers around the state of Iowa.