Published Nov 23, 2016

Conservation Stewardship Program: Major Changes and Sign-Up Process

By Practical Farmers of Iowa


The USDA’s Conservation Stewardship Program is the largest conservation program in the U.S. with 70 million acres of productive agricultural and forest land enrolled. The program – intended to help producers improve soil and water quality and wildlife habitat on their farmland through technical and financial assistance – will implement a range of updates beginning with the fall 2016 enrollment period. Tune in to hear Iowa’s CSP coordinator detail the major changes, and a district conservationist walk through the sign-up process.

Dave Brommel has worked with the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service for over 28 years, and currently serves as Iowa’s Conservation Stewardship Program coordinator. Prior to his time with the NRCS Dave has worked as an agronomist and crop consultant.

Larrette Kolbe works with the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service as a district conservationist in both Pocahontas and Buena Vista counties. She provides technical assistance to farmers raising corn, soybeans, hogs, turkeys and cattle. Joining Larrette to discuss the sign-up process is local farmer and Soil and Water Conservation District commissioner Jim Hinkeldey.