Published Jan 27, 2017

Risk Management for a Diversified Farm

By Practical Farmers of Iowa

Part 1

Part 2 


Due to technical difficulties, this farminar was recorded in two separate sections.

Environmental and market variables can have a major impact on whether a farm business can be profitable. These variables are often beyond farmers’ control, but can be mitigated through crop insurance. Unfortunately, diversified fruit and vegetable growers have traditionally had few insurance options, and have had to find alternative risk-mitigation strategies. Tune in to hear one diversified farm’s holistic approach to risk management. A USDA risk management specialist will then offer insights on the insurance product Whole Farm Revenue Protection.
Andrew and Melissa Dunham own and operate Grinnell Heritage Farm in Grinnell, Iowa, which has been in their family since 1857. They serve the Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Grinnell and Des Moines areas through CSA, select grocery stores and farmers markets. The diversified farm is certified organic by MOSA, the Midwest Organic Services Association.
Craig Christianson is a risk management specialist with the USDA Risk Management Agency in St. Paul, Minnesota, specializing in Whole Farm Revenue Protection. Prior to working with the RMA, Craig worked with the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service for eight years.