Published Feb 8, 2017

Grassfed Meat Production Using Multi-Species Grazing and Free-Choice Minerals

By Practical Farmers of Iowa

David Carbaugh, of Nobel Pastures Farm in Red Oak will team up with Derek Lawson, cattleman at Foxhollow Farm in Kentucky, to discuss pasture and animal management. David and Derek met at a Holistic Management International training program and Derek has served as a mentor to David ever since. Tune in to hear David ask Derek questions about pasture mixes, grazing strategies, mineral supplementation, biodynamic pasture preparations and marketing grass-fed beef.

David and Leslie Carbaugh established Noble Pastures near Red Oak, Iowa, in 2013 where they produce 100 percent grass-fed beef and lamb, as well as organically fed free-range chickens and eggs. Their beef is Certified Naturally Grown and Certified Humanely Raised and Handled, and they use Holistic Management practices.

Derek Lawson is the head heardsman at Foxhollow Farm in Crestwood, Kentucky, where he rotationally grazes approximately 300 cattle over 700 acres of certified biodynamic pastures. Derek works to breed cows that are suited to their land, Kentucky’s climate and to eating grass.
Handout from David Carbaugh: Livestock Profit and Loss Spreadsheet